How false psychology can be destructive to your wellbeing.

NLP is sort of the homeopathy of psychology — great marketing, sounds nice, looks great, but there’s a catch…

Why personality tests are no reliable tools for hiring, firing, and setting up teams.

How a simple dichotomy can do more harm than good.

Do we actually learn better through our preferred learning style?

Silhouettes of people standing on the letters “EXPERT”.

10,000 hours of training will make you an expert in any field.

A brain puppet lifting weights.

You get better at exactly what you train. That might mean something different from what you think.

A young woman looking at herself in a shard of glass.

How wishful thinking and little evidence can lead to controversial theories, like the one about mirror neurons.

An abstract image of a brain, with the caption, “Neuroscience is DA BOMB!”
Photo by Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash

The exciting field of neuroscience is the key to all psychological answers! Well, at least it seems that way.

Patrick Heller

Agile Coach ★ Scrum Master ★ Author ★ Speaker

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