What is to come

Business as usual clashes with geopolitical bowel movements.

Patrick Heller
2 min readJun 3, 2024


I lurk on LinkedIn’s timeline daily, and read about Agile, psychology, coaching, and business efforts in general, sometimes a personal story here and there, but mostly semi-annoying battles between Agilists nitpicking syllables over what is, and what is not, “true” Agile. (Or, as a popular alternative, what is the proper way to handle “complexity”.)

And then I read about the state of global politics, in articles such as this — in my favorite magazine, The Atlantic — and all I can do is be amazed.

It’s as if it’s 1939 in discussions about geopolitics, and it’s the Spring of 1914 when it comes to business; Spring 1914, when nobody but a few vaguely knew what was coming, but most enjoyed the great weather in full bliss — and total ignorance.

As if the two worlds are not one. What do you think will happen if (when?) the proverbial sh*t hits the fan? Do you gather it will be “business as usual”, while (cyber) bombs are dropping? Do you think your career so far will matter to the life that is to come?

As if the two worlds are not one.

I know, it’s not chic to worry; always think in solutions; never present a problem without a possible solution; think positive; have a growth…